Bus Transportation

Pasadena Elementary Busing Times and Map

Any student who lives at least 1.6 kms or more away from the school is allowed to ride the bus. There are 5 colour coded bus routes, BLUE, GREEN, RED, YELLOW, and PINK as per the link above. You are only allowed to use one bus based on your your civic (home) address where you will get on and off the bus. If you live within 1.6 kms, but would like to ride the bus, or you would rather use a different bus as your one bus ( for example: to get on and off at a sitter's) you can apply for a courtesy seat, and if there is room available on that bus, we will try to assign you to that bus.

Parents are reminded that each child can only be assigned to ONE bus route. They will then use the same bus route every morning, afterschool, every day, unless their parents live at 2 separate civic addresses. Note that approval of a Courtesy Seat on another route effectively removes that child from the originally assigned route. In other words, a child cannot come to school on one route and go home on another. Nor can they use one route some days and another route some days. Our routes are so full that as soon as you apply for a Courtesy Seat on another route, the original seat is assigned to another student.

We want you to travel to and from school safely. It is up to you to make that journey a safe one. The following “Bus Safety Rules” will help you to stay safe.

At the Bus Stop:

• Wait in a safe place.

• Be at the bus stop on time.

• Never run toward the bus.

Getting On and Off the Bus:

• Enter and exit the bus in an orderly manner.

• Use the handrail.

• Don’t push.

• Cross the street in front of the bus.

• At the edge of the bus, look both ways to make sure no traffic is coming before crossing the street.

• Never go back to pick up something you have dropped.

On the Bus:

• The bus driver must be obeyed at all times.

• Sit quietly in your seat facing forward.

• Changing seats is not permitted.

• Remain seated until the bus has stopped.

• Keep your feet and book-bag out of the aisle.

• Do not eat, drink, or chew gum on the bus.

• Only open windows after you have permission from a teacher or the driver.

• Do not put anything out the windows including your body.

• Do not shout. Speak to your friends in a normal speaking voice.

• Keep your bookbag, lunch bag, and anything else you are carrying on your lap.

The NLESD Student Transportation - Courtesy Seating Protocol sets the guidlines to follow regarding bus routes and students who have permission to travel on those buses. Please click on the link below to understand this Protocol.

The student Courtesy Bussing Request Protocol and Form are listed below.

Courtesy Seating Protocol

Courtesy Seating Application

The NLESD Bussing webpage can be found at https://www.nlesd.ca/busing and outlines information on the Department of Education guidelines, Courtesy Seat Protocol, the "Walk Zone" and safety tips. You can also find sections on responsibilities for the contractor, bus driver, school administrator and parents.