The mission of Pasadena Elementary, in partnership with home and community, 
is to develop the whole child to his/her maximum potential 
within a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

Announcements & Highlights

Christmas Concert Tickets
This year we will be having 2 Christmas concerts: Primary (K-3) on December 8 and Elementary (4-6) on December 12. Based on the numbers of students in each division, two tickets ($5.00 per ticket) will be RESERVED for each family for one week only. If a student is from a blended family, each custodial parent will receive one ticket. These will be sold from Monday, November 28 until Friday, December 2nd until 3:00 pm from our secretary, Mrs. Francis, in the General Office. You will have the opportunity to buy more tickets for other family members and friends once the weeklong sale of reserved tickets is over. Remaining tickets will be sold on a first-come- first-serve basis, one per family OR in the case of a blended family, one per custodial parent, at the office beginning on Monday, December 5. Then, again on Tuesday, December 6, and so on, until all tickets for each concert are sold. No tickets will be available at the door.  

Parent Teacher Interviews: Dec. 6, 12:30 - 6:00 pm
Don't forget to go online at to book an interview with your child's teacher to discuss their progress so far this year.

KinderStart schedule has been REVISED.  The remaining KinderStart sessions for the year will be on:
  • December 15, 2016
  • February 23, 2017
  • March 30, 2017
  • May 25, 2017

Please click on the "Friday Letters" tab above for the first edition of The Eagle.  It contains some very important start-up information.


Courtesy Bussing

Every fall, we get a number of requests for students to travel on a bus other than the bus assigned to them by thier civic address.  We recognize the need for these requests and will work with you to accommodate your family's situation as best we can.  It is worth noting that we have always been able to approve such requests given ample time into the first week of school to get a true picture of our bus ridership.  So please bear with us.

As we work through the many, many requests we receive to have a child travel on a different bus, we ask you to remember:

  1. Each child is assigned to ONE bus route only. They will then use the same bus route every morning and afterschool, every day, unless their parents live at 2 separate civic addresses. 
  2. If you wish to have your child travel on a different bus for child care purposes, you must apply for a Courtesy Bus seat. IF THERE IS SPACE ON THE REQUESTED BUS, your application will likely be approved. Please note, however, our busses are quite full and a ONLY A LIMITED NUMBER OF COURTESY SEATS ARE AVAILABLE ON EACH BUS.
  3. Courtesy Bus requests are approved on a first-come, first serve basis.
  4. Until a parent receives WRITTEN PRINCIPAL'S APPROVAL of the Courtesy Seat Application Form (available under Student Transportation tab above), the student must travel on their designated bus as was indicated to each family in June 2016.
  5. Recognizing the urgency of these requests for some families, every effort will be made to process all Courtesy Requests by the end of the first week of school.  Until that time, parents must arrange for the circumstance where their child is going home on their assigned bus to their home address at the end of the day. 
  6. If you are new to Pasadena and are unsure of your child's bus route, please call the school. 
  7. Approval of a Courtesy Seat on another route effectively removes that child from the originally assigned route.  In other words, a child cannot come to school on one route and go home on another.  Nor can they use one route some days and another route some days.  Our routes are so full that as soon as you apply for a Courtesy Seat on another route, that original seat is assigned to another student.

Class Supply Lists 2016-17
Click on the links below for a list of the supplies your child will need for the new school year.

Synrevoice & Friday Letters

Our Friday letters and other communication with parents will be sent home electronically via Synrevoice.  A new issue of the letter is sent home each Friday.  Please check the email that you provided to us!  Our Friday letters are also available for viewing on this website by clicking on the tab "Friday Letters".

We Can Also Text You!

If you'd like to have occasional quick text messages sent to your mobile phone from us (reminders, announcements, etc.), you must opt in to that service. Simply text the word JOIN to 56360 from the mobile device(s) to which you want the texts sent. That mobile number must be on file with us. If it isn't, just give us a call.