Student Handbook

Welcome to Pasadena Elementary: Respect Learning - Learning Respect


This Student Handbook can be found in its entirety inside the front cover of your Student Agenda.  It contains information that you will need to know about Pasadena Elementary in order to have a successful school year. Below are some useful pieces of information that you will want to remember.


Use of the Agenda

The Student Agenda can be used to help keep you organized and to remind you of important information about the school.  You can use your Agenda to:

  • keep track of your homework, assignments and special events.
  • remind yourself of school rules
  • communicate between teachers and parents



General Rules and Procedures



Allergy Alert:

Our school is a scent sensitive and allergy aware school.  You, other children in the school, or your teachers may have severe allergic reactions to some things. It is important to remember when you or your parents come to school and when you bring recess and lunch that we have children and staff with severe sensitivities and/or life-threatening allergies to strong scents and foods like nuts, eggs, bananas and fish.


Our parking lot:

We want to make sure that all of you are safe on our parking lot when you are here.

• If you travel by bus, you should always go directly from the bus to the entrance or the entrance to the bus. Do not go anywhere else on the parking lot.

• If your parents or guardians bring you to school or pick you up, please make sure that they drop you off in the correct spot by the main entrance.  

• If your parents or guardians are coming into the school, please remind them never to cross the cross walk while someone is on it or drive around the school. They should always park in the parking area or on the side of the road leading out of the school, never in the no parking zones. They should never leave their car running or the keys in the ignition.

At the beginning of the day:

• Bus students enter the building immediately upon arriving at school. Students who walk to school or are dropped off must immediately enter the main entrance and wait in the porch until the bell rings at 8:05.

• Once you come in, you must go directly to your classroom and stay there or go to the Breakfast Club.

• If you are absent from school, your parent/guardian should call the school.


In school:

• You must wear an indoor pair of shoes. Change your outdoor shoes every time you enter the building. Never wear your indoor shoes outside.

• You must stay in your classroom at all times, unless you have permission from a teacher.

• When you have permission to use the washroom, you should do so quickly. Remember to flush the toilets, wash your hands and return to your classroom as soon as you are finished.

• You may use the telephone in the office only for emergency purposes.

• No toys or electronic devices are to be brought to school.

• Invitations to parties are not to be handed out in school.

• You may not wear your cap in the school.

• You must not eat or drink in the computer room, music room, or library.

• You must not chew gum in school.


Recess& Lunch:

• You should hand all recess and lunch orders in to your home-room teacher during morning home-room period.

• You should only eat your own recess and lunch items.  Sharing food items is discouraged due to food allergies etc.

• You are responsible for placing all garbage and beverage containers in designated bins and to leave classroom desk or lunch table clean.


Physical Education:

• All students are expected to wear indoor sneakers for Phys. Ed. classes. Students in grs. 4 -6 are also asked to make sure you wear or bring a T-shirt and shorts or gym pants.

• Anytime you are in gym or after school sports in our school or at another school, please remember the Fair Play Code:

- Play for your own enjoyment.

- Control your temper.                                   

- Cooperate with all other players.

- Play by the rules.

- Cheer all good plays and never “boo” anyone.

- Work equally hard for yourself and your team.

- Have fun!  Winning is only part of the game.

- Respect and cooperate with your coaches and officials.   



On the playground:

• We go outside every day so make sure you dress for the weather. If you are repeatedly not dressed appropriately for the weather, a note will go home to your parents.

• You must bring a note from home if you are not allowed to go outside to play.

• When you are outside you must stay in our play area and stay away from the woods and parking lot.

• You must play safely so that you and others do not get hurt.

• If you are using school equipment, take care of it and return it when you are finished with it.


At the end of the day:

• You must make sure the area around your desk is clean and your belongings are put away.

• You must make sure you have packed everything you need in your knapsack.

• You must line up and wait for your teacher before going to your bus.

• If you are a bus student, you can only ride on your assigned bus and get off at your regular bus stop unless you have special permission from the office to go on another bus or to another stop. Also, you are not allowed to walk or ride bike home etc., unless you bring in a note from home.

• You should always go straight home after school.

• Never accept rides from others unless your parents have given you permission.



Homework and assignments are a very important part of your education.  You must complete all of the homework and assignments given to you by your teacher.  If there is some reason that you cannot complete your homework on time, ask mom or dad for a note that explains the problem and tells when it will be done.


Library Books:

You are permitted to borrow library books from the school library. Your teacher will decide when you may visit the library to borrow a book.  It is very important that you take special care of the books in our library. If they are lost or damaged they will have to be replaced. 


The textbooks you receive at the beginning of the school year are loaned to you from the school.  You are expected to take very good care of these books so that they will be returned in an acceptable state for the next student. Students who mistreat books or lose them, will have to pay to have them replaced at current book prices.


Lost and Found:

It is important for you to put your name on your belongings.  If you lose something, check the Lost and Found Box by the main office.  If you find something, get permission from a teacher to bring the items to the office. Any items not claimed at mid-year and at the end of the year will be donated to a good will agency


Soar Like An Eagle Behaviour Matrix



Respect Yourself


Respect Others


Respect  Learning


Respect Environment




J be prepared to give your best effort


J be positive with yourself


J dress & act appropriately


J use inside voice


J use good manners & appropriate language


J keep your hands & feet to yourself


J be considerate


J only use other people’s belongings with permission



J be a good listener



J come to class prepared


J work hard


J be considerate of other people’s contributions and opinions


J place garbage & recyclables in appropriate containers


J  help out, pick up & put away even if it’s not yours


J keep your locker & desk area tidy


J use furniture & equipment appropriately


Entry and Hallway


J keep to the right


J act appropriately


J use inside voice


J keep to the right and

walk in single file


J look at but don’t touch displays


J use inside voices


J use caution in doorways and around corners


J be quiet so other classes are not disturbed


J be a role model for others


J pick up any litter you see


J place garbage & recyclables in appropriate containers


J keep your hands by your side




J wash your hands


J act appropriately


J use inside voice


J leave immediately when finished


J respect other’s privacy


J wait your turn


J flush toilets




J use washroom only during non class time if at all possible


J use facilities appropriately


J use soap & paper towels only as needed


J put paper towel in the garbage


J turn off water when finished


Library and Computer Lab


J appreciate library and computer privileges


J use inside voice


J use sanitizer on your way in & way out


J share materials &



J wait your turn


J return things to their proper place


J close programs and log off as instructed


J use appropriate research sites


J be a good listener


J be attentive to assigned task


J keep workspace tidy


J treat furniture & equipment appropriately


J leave food & drink in the classroom




J wear appropriate clothes & footwear


J participate & try your best


J follow  the gym rules


J encourage others


J share equipment


J play safe


J be a good listener


J play fair


J model good sportsmanship


J use equipment appropriately


J drink water only


J  help out, pick up & put away equipment


Eating in the Classroom


J make healthy food choices


J use good manners


J use inside voice


J pass in recess & lunch orders before classes begin


J eat only your own food


J stay seated and raise your hand for assistance


J clear off desk after eating for our caretakers



J model good manners


J place garbage & recyclables in appropriate containers


J pack your lunch in reusable containers




J play safe


J stay within the playground boundaries


J keep your hands & feet to yourself


J line up orderly to exit & enter the building


J take turns on equipment


J model safe play


J use equipment appropriately & safely


J pick up any litter you see &  place in appropriate containers




J stay seated, facing forward, at all times


J keep your belongings on your lap


J use inside voice


J keep food & drinks in your school bag


J keep hands & feet to yourself


J listen to the bus drivers & follow their directions


J keep the aisles clear


J model safe bus behaviour


J take your belongings with you


J take your litter with you




J keep your eyes on the speaker


J participate appropriately




J remain quiet


J sit in an orderly fashion


J keep hands & feet to yourself


J only leave if absolutely necessary


J show appreciation appropriately


J be a good listener


J be considerate of other people’s contributions and opinions


J take any belongings with you when you leave


J  pick up any litter you see &  place in appropriate containers


Digital Citizenship



J keep personal information (user names, passwords etc.) to yourself


J only post and upload content that is appropriate to share publicly


J be aware that your digital footprint is permanent


J be kind to others online


J only take pictures of someone or  share images and content belonging to others when you have their permission


J only access your own files and accounts



J think critically about what you see and read online


J when in school, use technology for learning purposes



J only print material when absolutely necessary


J only open links, websites, emails, etc that are school approved


J keep all settings and desktops as they have been set